Order Information and Tracking

Currently, all orders are fulfilled by Ninja Van. We will update you with your tracking number via email; you may also find your shipment tracking details via your CROCS account on our online store. And, once your order has been shipped out of our warehouse, you may trace your tracking number on the respective courier service websites for the status of your parcel. To track your parcels, click on the following link: Ninja Van.

Orders should be received within 7 working days after payment has been confirmed. 


Changing Your Order

Orders cannot be changed once they have been placed.


Contacting Customer Service

Our Customer Service team is happy to assist with questions you have about Crocs™ and our products. You can reach us in three convenient ways:

  1. Call us for help.
    Contact us by phone to speak directly to one of our Customer Service representatives. Our phone number is 04 262 6457.

  2. Send us an email.
    Contact us by sending an email to info@crocsmalaysia.com.my One of our Customer Service team members will get back in touch with you within 48 hours.


Payment Options

We currently accept the following payment methods:

  • Visa

  • MasterCard

  • Online Banking

Crocs Coupon And Promotion Code

Crocs™ coupon and promotional codes need to be applied in the cart prior to checking out. You can apply your coupon or promotional code in the "Promo or Coupon Code" field on the left side of the cart, under the list of shoes being ordered. Make sure to hit the apply button in order to ensure your coupon is applied appropriately. Once applied, you will see the price change in the cart.

We are not able to re-apply coupons once orders are placed. We do want you to enjoy your discount at Crocsmalaysia.com and hope that you'll hold on to the coupon code for a future order. If your coupon code is valid for a short time, you can watch for new promotions and discounts by signing up for our newsletter.

** Please note that there may be an exclusions list for certain coupons or promotional codes. This information can be found after you apply the coupon. Under the pricing area, you will see your coupon applied with a details link next to it that will list any applicable exclusions for your convenience. **

Usually, if a coupon code isn't working, it's been entered incorrectly or has expired. Please check your coupon code for the following:

  1. Coupon codes are often case sensitive, so be sure you're entering it in the proper case. Also, double-check to ensure you're typing the numbers and letters in the correct order.

  2. Most coupon codes cannot be combined with other coupon codes or site offers and promotions.

  3. Your coupon code may have expired. If the coupon code has expired, you'll receive an "Expired Promo Code" error message under the coupon and promo code box.

  4. Some coupon codes are valid only on specific styles and will not work with non-qualifying styles. You can check coupon or promotional exclusions with the details link once the coupon is applied in your cart.​​


Product Warranty

If you believe there is a quality issue with your item, we will make it right. Items may be returned for an exchange or refund within 45 days with receipt or proof of purchase to be send over to info@crocsmalaysia.com. If you do not have a receipt and/or it is past the 90-day window, we cannot replace your item, but we would love to help you find a new pair. 


On Line Returns Instruction

Should a refund be given due to our inability to fulfil an order, the refund amount will be credited back in to the credit card or bank account used to make the original purchase. Dependent on your bank, it may take a business day or two for the refund to be reflected in your statements.  


Replacement Parts

We do not currently replace straps, rivets, or liners. If you believe there is a quality issue with your item, we will make it right. Items may be returned for an exchange or refund within 90 days with receipt or proof of purchase. If you do not have a receipt or it is past the 90-day window, we cannot replace your item, but we would love to help you find a new pair. 


Reporting Counterfeit Or Fake Products

If you are unsure if a product you have seen or purchased is counterfeit, please contact us. Please have a picture of the product in question available. You can also visit www.crocs.com for pictures of our products  


Shipping Methods, Rates & Delivery Estimated

We usually deliver within 5-7 working days within Malaysia. Should there be an off-chance that there may be a significant shipping delay, we will contact you personally with a shipping delay notice.  


Shipping Damage

If you feel an item purchased at Crocsmalaysia.com was damaged during shipping, please contact Customer Service- info@crocsmalaysia.com.my for an exchange or refund within 45 days of arrival. 


Slip Resistant

Certain Crocs™ shoes offer CrocsLock™ tread, which provides slip-resistance that meets or exceeds industry standards. Please note that while they are slip-resistant, they are not completely slip-proof. Please use general caution, as you would in any other shoe. 


What are Crocs molded clog made of ?

Crocs shoes made entirely of Croslite™ material do not contain latex. Crocs shoes that are not made entirely of Croslite™ material may contain other products within legal limits. See individual product pages for details.


Caring For Your Crocs

Caring for your Crocs is easy. To keep your Crocs in good condition, you will want to avoid leaving them where they will be exposed to heat or sun, such as a dish washer, washing machine, or hot car, as this can cause the shoes to shrink or warp.

You can keep your classic Crocs clean by hand washing them with cold water and a mild soap.

If you have Metallic leather Crocs, clean gently with a soft rubber sponge or slightly damp rag. Use a leather cream to restore shine and a protector spray to repel water.

If your Crocs are made with Smooth Napa Leather; Remove dust and dirt with a damp rag. Use a cotton brush to apply a natural waxy shoe cream or wax. Apply slowly in spiral manner.

Patent Leather Crocs can be gently wiped off with a clean damp cloth or use a professional product which had been designed to clean patent leather. Never use harsh chemicals such as alcohol, detergent or liquid, they will remove the shine and luster from your shoes.

PU Wedges and heel material: A damp cloth should remove most dust and dirt. Avoid solvent cleaners wherever possible as these may destroy the glue used to bond the sole.

For Suede and Lambs wool Crocs; clean upper gently with soft wire brush or plastic brush, spray with impregnation spray for water repellence.

Leather Crocs and be cleaned gently with a humid rag or brush. Apply waxy shoe cream and polish/brush with soft brush, cotton or wool rag to a natural luster.

For Elastic/Stretch Material; Clean gently with humid rag or soft rubber.