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Green comes in evey color.

same crocs.
half the carbon footprint by 2030 .

As a part of our larger sustainability initiatives.

We Believe Everyone Should Be Comfortable In Their Own Shoes .

So, we’re committed to reducing our environmental footprint, uplifting our communities and creating a welcoming environment for everyone, rooted in a culture of governance, transparency and accountability.​

  • comfort without carbon

    Becoming a Net Zero brand through sustainable ingredients, resource use, packaging and afterlife.

  • comfort for our communities

    Donating shoes, funds and volunteer hours to global communities and in times of need through our Crocs Cares program.​

  • comfort for all people

    Ensuring Crocs welcomes all one-of-a-kinds while creating a comfortable workplace through progressive people-practices.​

Comfort Without Carbon. Comfort Without Carbon.

At *2.56 kg CO2 eq. per pair of Classic Clogs, Crocs already has a low CO2 footprint compared to many other iconic footwear styles, but we won’t be satisfied until we reach Net Zero by 2030.

*This metric was calculated using the Higg Product Module 1.0 at This calculation was conducted internally, was 3rd party verified, and represents a cradle-to-grave impact.

Comfort For our Communities. Comfort For our Communities.

We’re uplifting our communities in times of need by delivering shoes, donating funds and volunteering our time through our internal giving program, Crocs Cares.​

Comfort For All People. Comfort For All People.

We welcome all one-of-a-kinds and are committed to creating a comfortable workplace through progressive people-practices.​