Swiftwater Cross Strap Static Slate Grey

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Women's Swiftwater Cross-Strap Static

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Drop-off. Pick-up. Grocery shop. Coffee stop. Shop till you drop. Yoga. Frozen yogurt. Block party. Walk the dog around the block. Laundry. Spin-cycle. Recycle. Do it all again tomorrow. Tired? Try athletic-inspired Cross-Strap style. Dual Crocs Comfortâ„¢ inside, Crosliteâ„¢ foam outside, for a true lifestyle pair of shoes you can wear for miles and miles. Oh yes, your To-Do List just got a lot more fun. Fun and done!

Women's Swiftwater Cross-Strap Static Details:

  •  Dual Crocs Comfortâ„¢: Blissfully supportive 
  • Soft
  •  All-day comfort
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